Château Lestage

Great wines
from Médoc

Our red wine is a must in Médoc, appreciated by amateurs. This magnificent vineyard, set on a hill with steep slopes on the highest point of Medoc, enjoys a privileged location that allows it to obtain a good precocity, pledge of “gourmet” wines that know how to age well.

Our white wine, “La Mouette”, is produced on a beautiful clay-limestone plot of 0.5 hectare on a terroir in the Listrac-Médoc appellation. In 2014, we set out to reconnect with tradition by resurrecting this small vineyard: 2016 is the first vintage.

Château Lestage

A wine with a good structure, developed with the aim of achieving a good balance that offers roundness and freshness.

La Mouette de Lestage

A small blend of sauvignon and sémillon, La Mouette is planted on a beautiful 0,5 hectare clay-limestone plot. It is elaborated with the most attentive care: picking by hand then fermentation and aging in barrels.

Lestage Chêne Besson

« Chêne Besson », jewel of the vineyard, flourishes on the culminating point of the Medoc. We chose this unique hillside to establish exceptional Merlots and Cabernets Sauvignons.