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Our philosophy: sustainable viticulture

Plowed or grassed, according to the nourishing character of the soil, our vines are the object of all our care. The lightest soils are plowed and scratched to avoid too much summer water stress.

According to the method Cousinié, which advocates the balance between minerals, our only contributions are natural manures and trace elements.

Lastly, in order to respect the life of our soils as well as the environment, in case of heavy pressure of vine diseases, our vineyard treatments are made according to the principles of sustainable agriculture with selected products and at reduced doses.

In order to formalize these good practices, we entered the Terra Vitis environmental certification in 2015.

What is Terra Vitis ?

Terra Vitis is an environmental initiative committed to the preservation of French vineyards.
It incorporates measures to preserve the fauna and flora of our terroirs.
The estates are audited each year to monitor compliance with these rules.

Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel - Grand vin de Bordeaux - Caisse Bois - Union des Grands Crus - UGCB - HVE3 - Terra Vitis

Like an amphitheater, the vineyard faces the châteaux since the origins of the vintage. Only the creation of appellations has split it between the Listrac-Médoc Appellation and the Moulis Appellation in Médoc. Its vineyards occupy the highest point of the Medoc (43 m) and its gravelly slopes.

On these magnificent gravelly slopes are produced in appellation:


  • AOC Listrac : Château Fonréaud and Château Lestage
  • AOC Moulis : Château Chemin Royal, and Château Caroline
  • AOC Bordeaux White: Le Cygne de Fonréaud and La Mouette de Lestage
The vine is cultivated in the greatest respect for the plant and the environment according to the precepts of the Cousinié Method.
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The Chanfreau


Léo Chanfreau, winemaker in Algeria, returns with his family in Metropolitan France and buys Château Fonréaud. Everything has to be done: the vineyard has only 17 hectares of very old vines and the venerable wooden vats are doomed to destruction.


Marcel Chanfreau, Léo’s father buys Château Lestage.


Victim of a tractor accident, Leo leaves his work unfinished. His father, Marcel, then takes over Jean, who was a child at this time child, decides to come back and live in Listrac as soon as he finishes his studies as agronomist.


Jean becomes 20 years old estate manager.


Château Fonréaud is recognized by the profession by becoming a member of the Bordeaux Wine Academy and the closed circle of the Union des Grands Crus.


Jean starts work on finishing the château and optimizing the vineyard. They will last six years.


This is the rebirth vintage of t”Le Cygne”, created by the Mauvezin Leblanc a century ago. The planting will release its first production of white wine for the 1991 vintage.


Purchase of Clos des Demoiselles, 3.5Ha property in the Listrac-Médoc appellation.


Renaissance of “La Mouette”, white wine of the château Lestage replanted on 0,5Ha.


Château Lestage becomes “Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel”, highest distinction of the new classification.

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