Le Cygne de Château Fonréaud

Le Cygne de Château Fonréaud
Vintage 2018

92 Decanter // 89-91 Wine Advocate // 90-92+ Anthocyanes

Le Cygne

A fine and aromatic Vintage


As often in the case of greatvintages, there are great fears. 2018 was no exception!

We first trembled before the episodes of frost and hail, then before the pressure of mildew which was strong. With a spring aswet and rainy, it was necessary to be vigilant.

This difficult period passed, gave place to a radiant summer, with short and rare showers, conferring on the vine a hydric stress which gave us very aromatic and concentrated small grapes. The veraison was fastand uniform. The result was a superb quality of harvest.

Like every year, we have harvested by “tries”, to pick only fruits at optimum maturity. The ageing on lees, in barrels, will give this wine a nice sweetness and a quite exceptional aptitude for aging.

In the end, we obtained wines with a superb touch, volume,sweetness, freshness,both fine and aromatic.

  • Harvest period : 5th to 19th September
  • Yield: 32 hl/ha
  • Alcohol Degree: 13%vol 
  • Ageing: 45% new oak barrels
  • Production Grand Vin : 15 000 bottles
  • Conditioning : tradition bottle
  • Œnologist : Antoine Medeville


  • Sauvignon Blanc (60%)
  • Sémillon (25%)
  • Muscadelle (15%)
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